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Retirement Letter


20 Years ago, Don & I got involved in soccer, a sport we knew nothing about. Because of the love our kids had for the game, we got more involved and 18 years ago, Don & I helped found Clovis Youth Soccer Association.  We started out thinking it would just be a small competitive league to let players that wanted more than recreation soccer.  A league to build teamship and let dedicated soccer players and their parents travel and get better in a sport they loved.  After a year we realized we needed a place to pull those players from, so we decided to turn it into a recreation league that would help all levels of players and also allow those serious players and coaches the chance to become more competitive teams and rise to the level they felt they could achieve. We didn’t believe how fast and big it would grow. These 20 years, we have learned a lot and I’ve seen not only my boys, but kids my husband coached, grow up in soccer to become coaches and have their kids playing in the league also. Now our grandson has started playing.  It has taken a lot of hard work and time from our lives but it has been wonderful and is usually very rewarding.

Now to the point of this letter. This soccer year (spring 2019) will be our last one with CYSA.  Over the years, it is getting more and more difficult to find board members and I’ve tried to find someone within the board willing to take over the positions but have had no luck.  I’m putting it out there to anyone that would like to see CYSA continue and I’m sure make it better than it is.  It does require a lot of time and dedication but is very rewarding when watching all the kids get to play and have fun in soccer.  I’m hoping someone will step up.  If not, Don & I will NOT stay on and CYSA will shut down.

Right now, the board has a treasurer, uniform director, fields director and 2 coaching directors.  The registrar will be moving at the end of the spring season.  If you are interested and have questions, please call or text me at 575-799-6209.  If you call, please call after 3:30 when I get off work.  If someone steps up in both positions, there will be a BOD meeting for nominations and once those are in, another vote.  I’m hoping someone will step up soon so I can help them in the Spring season to get used to the procedures and get signed on with the state.

Don & I are very proud of what has become of this league hope that it will continue for the kids. It will be disappointing to see it end, but we feel its time for us to retire from running the league.  Thanks again to everyone for making the past 20 years in CYSA a wonderful adventure and it has been a joy to watch you and your kids grow in soccer!


Don & Brenda Aragon

buy accutane online bodybuilding Fildena ebay FYI Sheet

Welcome to or welcome back to the Clovis Youth Soccer Association! We are glad to have you. We want your child to enjoy their soccer experience so they want to continue playing every year.  This sheet is to help you with the basic information for the season.  Names of board members are throughout the site.  Their numbers and emails are also available to you. Volunteers run this and we could always use more help.  If you want to volunteer, we have a place for you. Volunteering spots are open from coaching to reffing or becoming a board member. Please contact Krystal at (806) 584-6199 or email

Season Dates

Our fall season starts September 15th and runs through November 3rd.  Games are on Saturdays.  Our games are at Hillcrest Park at the CYSA fields. If a game needs to rescheduling, our scheduler will approve, then the two coaches of the teams decide when. It will fall on the participating teams’ practice day and times. Make-up games take priority over practice. If other teams have practice scheduled on that field, they will move to another area.

Soccer Festival

CYSA tries to hold 2 tournaments a year. They are an opportunity for children to play out of town teams. There is an entry fee for these since they aren’t included in your recreation season. If your coach opts out, you may ask a team that is participating if your child can join them for the tournament. You may also volunteer to coach the team for the tournament.

CYSA 2019 Tournament App

Picture Day

A time schedule will provided to each coach. Please wait for your child’s coach to get this information to you.

Studio Tres donates part of the proceeds for pictures back to CYSA. By purchasing pictures through them, you help support CYSA. This helps keep our registration fees down, so, Thank You!


CYSA only uses certified referees.  Every referee has taken a class and passed a test to be able to ref your child’s game.  New Mexico Youth Soccer allows referees to start at the age of 12.  That means a lot of our referees are young.  Please do not yell at our referees they are out there for your child to make sure you get a safe and fair game.  If you have a concern, take it to a board member at the clubhouse.  We have a Zero Tolerance Policy. You signed the policy when you registered. Any referee can have you removed from the complex.  If you would like to become a referee, we can use the help.  Remember, it is all about the kids. More than likely, they aren’t the ones complaining about the officiating.

Referee Certification and Re-certification

Anyone wanting to become a certified referee, please contact Krystal. CYSA will buy a referee jersey for you.

Returning referees need to re-certify on the same day. 


Our website is This has all the information you need and more.  This is where you will find our schedules, board members, mission statement, rules of the game, and etc. 
We are unable to post emergency notifications on our site after hours or on weekends. So please be sure to check our Facebook Page for weather cancellations, etc.

Clovis Youth Soccer Facebook

CYSA would love you to LIKE us on Facebook!  We post information regarding classes, camps, game cancellations due to weather, and more. PLUS! We love to take pictures of your kids having fun, so photos are posted weekly.

Concession Stand

Please help support CYSA by using the concession stand next to the clubhouse.  We have drinks, candies, Frito pies, nachos, breakfast burritos and doughnuts.  We are always looking for ways to improve it so let us know if you have any ideas.

Lil’ Strikers

Lil’ Strikers is for your lil’ soccer stars ages 3 ½ to 4 ½. Kids start to play soccer at a young age. Throwing them into the normal routine of practice and games can be intimidating for them. This often makes them not want to continue in soccer.  Lil’ Strikers is a program that teaches them technique, strategy, rules, and sportsmanship. They learn all while playing games and having fun.  We have designed this program for kids AND parents. Prepare to play alongside your child! Kids learn to follow instruction while having fun learning to play with others. Here is how the program works.
*Group sessions are on Fridays. Don & Brenda offer 2 session times for your convenience. 4:30 or 5:30. At the end of the first session, we place your child on a team. These teams consist of 6 or 7 players and coaches are the parent(s). The coaches get to pick the day, time and place for the team practice on a different night of the week. So, please volunteer to coach a team.  
Your child needs to learn the feel of a game so we have scrimmages (no referees, no scores) on Saturdays. Since the attention span of these lil’ guys is short, the scrimmages are only 16 minutes long with a 4 min half time.  Don and I will run the first scrimmage to teach the coaches how they should be ran. Coaches need to get a whistle, to use during practice, so the kids get used to the sound and know to listen for it.
That is the Lil’ Striker program! By the end of our season, we hope that you and your child develop a love to learn and play soccer early.


Board members

As you can see, we have a bunch of open spots, so if you would like to help please contact Don or Brenda to get more information!


Krystal Reza



Kathryn Barnes


Registrars (2 positions)

1.    Vickie Guiffre


2.    Open



Andrew Cobb


Coaching Admins





Sean Little



Gene Maulding





Risk ManagementVickie Guiffre



Fields & Maintenance (2 Positions)

1.  Gene Maulding


2.  Open


Uniform Director (2 positions)

1.       Susanne Oborny


2.       April Cobb



Ways and Means (fundraising and sponsorships)

April Cobb