About CYSA

CYSA Mission click over here  

CYSA (Clovis Youth Soccer Association) invites the soccer community to share in a positive era of development in youth soccer. We aim to provide the best possible coaching to our players so that they may develop into their full potential. We strive to create a positive team learning environment.


The CYSA philosophy promotes the advancement of players technically (skills), tactically (decision-making), psychologically and physically. This is so they can enjoy the game for the rest of their lives. Our philosophy surrounds the individual player. Strong individual skill builds the confidence necessary to excel in match situations. By emphasizing the skill of the individual, positive team results will follow. We emphasize small-sided training for maximum development within the team concept. This philosophy creates not only good athletes but also well-rounded individuals.
CYSA provides coaches, players and referees opportunities to enrich their soccer experience. This includes licensing and certification clinics for coaches and referees. It also includes camps and tournaments for players.

their website Goals and Values

CYSA values the following ideals

  • Good Sportsmanship
  • Courtesy
  • Trustworthiness
  • Loyalty
  • Respect for teamwork and authority
CYSA recognizes the concerns arising from the emphasis placed on winning in America. While we understand the value of winning,
developing a competitive attitude and team spirit is more important. The goal is for each child to take part, develop skills, and enjoy the game. Winning is secondary to development until a player is at a competitive level. This is when winning becomes more of a priority.



CYSA Board Members

                               CYSA Board Members

We have additional openings if you are interested in an administrative role in the organization.

President Don Aragon              575-218-4510            dbaragon2222@gmail.com
Vice President Brenda Aragon 575-799-6209 dbaragon2222@gmail.com
Secretary Kathryn Barnes 903-513-1225
Treasurer  Andrew Cobb  719-329-8009  ajc553@gmail.com
Registrar buy orlistat no prescription  Vicki Guiffre  847-773-7475  vickiandali@gmail.com
   Coaching  Directors  
U6 Div David Mitchell 575-777-6200 dmitchell67@suddenlink.net
U8 Div Ben Greathouse 575-420-1051 bngreathouse@suddenlink.net
U10 Div Levi Lynch 575-760-9502 levilynch@gmail.com
U12 Div Sean Little 575-799-4070 littlefamily@plateautel.net
Fields & Maintenance    Gene Maulding 806-773-2834 gwm_21@yahoo.com
Uniform Director Susanne Oborny 575-312-1977 susanne.oborny@yahoo.com
Uniform Director April Cobb 318-935-9110 april.e.cobb@gmail.com
Risk Management  Vicki Guiffre  847-773-7475   vickiandali@gmail.com
Ways & Means April Cobb 318-935-9110 april.e.cobb@gmail.com
Scheduler (games) Brenda Aragon 575-799-6209 bgaragon2222@gmail.com
Referee Admin Brenda Aragon          575-799-6209 bgaragon2222@gmail.com